1. The science of fragility (Digipack CD)

  2. The science of fragility

  3. The secret of love CD

  4. The secret of love 2021

  5. Spiral Axis (feelX,Calabrese,Medimorec,Bosshart)

  6. Flying around the universe (2021)

  7. Serendipity (2021)

  8. Spinning light (feat. Luca Calabrese, Eva Wey,Dédé Felix, Jörg Hofmann, Lorenz Patscheider)

  9. Magnified heart 2021 (feat. Pete Borel, Eva Wey, Jörg Hofmann, Dédé Felix)

  10. Simplicity (feat. Samuel Hällkvist, Luca Calabrese, Dédé Felix, Jörg Hofmann)

  11. Elegant groove motion (feat. Pete Borel + Dédé Felix)

  12. Menace of rain (feat. Luca Calabrese+Dédé Felix)

  13. The gift of perception (2020)

  14. Tree of wisdom (2020)

  15. The philosophy of light Album (2019)

  16. The philosophy of light

  17. Cordiale (2019 - feelX, Calabrese, Medimorec, Bosshart)

  18. The blessing of the curse (2019 - feelX, Calabrese, Medimorec, Bosshart)

  19. The philosophy of light (2019, feelX,Calabrese, Medimorec, Bosshart)

  20. Delivering dreams (2019 -feelX,Calabrese, Medimorec, Bosshart)

  21. Rainbow Cascades

  22. Eye of the hurricane (2019)

  23. Illuminous belief (feat.Luca Calabrese)

  24. Reflection of a moving mind (feelX + Luca Calabrese)

  25. Life is a big picture (with Naru)

  26. Papercut - pay per cut

  27. Landscapes of the heart

  28. Tale of a lifetime (feat. Luca Calabrese)

  29. The silence of tears

  30. Circular drop

  31. No words on the outside

  32. Heaven cries a heavy heart (2020) - a tribute to André Haberthuer

  33. Reggae pie (feat. Mike Ryrie)

  34. Spinning light (feat. Eva Wey, Dedé Felix, Jörg Hofmann, Lorenz Patscheider)

  35. Between the borders

  36. Coloured in hindsight

  37. Flying around the universe

  38. Magnified heart (feat. Eva Wey)

  39. Ready

  40. Waiting for that sweet kiss

  41. Fading memories

  42. Lost in the crowd

  43. Slow river flowing (feat. Eva Wey)

  44. The riddle/the riddle`s solution

  45. Floating secrets

  46. Burning broken heart (by Papercut)

  47. City of hope (feat. Eva Wey)

  48. Clothes (feat. Mike Ryrie)

  49. Echoes from the past (feat.Tsering Purtag)

  50. Washington square (feat. Mike Ryrie)

  51. The escapist (feat. Ädu Studer)

  52. Love is gonna die

  53. Close enough

  54. Life is a big picture

  55. Window

  56. Fortune left 4 free

  57. Into the blue

  58. Collapse

  59. Beautiful harvest

  60. Remember you

  61. Moon safari

  62. Empty streets on Leicester Square

  63. The comfort of a kiss (feat. Mike Ryrie)

  64. Angels sleep in heaven

  65. Pouring rain in a Dublin lane

  66. Motionless upon the air

  67. Walking with shadows

  68. Landscape full of hearts (feat.Mike Ryrie)

  69. Beauty trap for fallen angel

  70. Graceful in five (feat. Mike Ryrie)


feelX Zürich, Switzerland

FeelX is an independent musician from Zürich, Switzerland
His love of prog-rock, ambient, fusion and pop all fall into place while writing/producing tracks/songs. his songs are instrumental or vocal with many instruments/textures. More details at www.feelxmusic.ch (in german) ... more

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